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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 22, 2015 4:00am-4:30am CST

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particular stock market. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it for you right here at "mad money." i'm jim cramer. i'll see you tomorrow. it's tuesday, december 22nd and coming up on "early today" donald trump using an outrageously offensive term in a description about hillary clinton in addition to saying he hates some journalists but would not kill them though. for the first tim spacex launches a rocket and lands it in tact on earth. sandra bland died in a jail cell but is anyone being held accountable accountable. and o'dell beckham being told to chill out. and comedians in cars
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"early today" starts right now. and good morning everyone. donald trump's christmas themed rally had him in a giving move. plent ay of vul garties. and he went after hillary clinton. but after pushing back allegations that russian president vladimir putin had killed journalists some sarcastic humor. >> i hate some of these people. but i wouldn't kill them. i'll be honest. i would never kill them. i would never do that. lets -- no, i wouldn't. i would never kill them but i do hate them and some of them are such lying, disgusting people, it's true. >> trump's opponents have been
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haven't put a dent in his lead. nbc's katy tur reports. >> reporter: the biggest casualty so far, the truth. and plit ifacts has told the most falsities. and his only true statement was about vladimir putin's poll numbers. >> he's got an 80% approval rating. >> >>. >> reporter: the rest going up to pants on fire. >> i got to get this off my chest, donald trump is a jerk. >> reporter: even president obama issing a knowledge ag knowledging that he is tapping into the fear. >> that's what he is exploiting campaign. >> reporter: across the country, crowds responding by the thousands, even waiting in the hours in cold and rain to see
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>> and we're joined by tracie potts. who is donald trump going after now? >> reporter: it looks like not only trump but several of the republicans with a 25 point national lead, clinton is finding herself in the cross hairs of several of these republican candidates. >> reporter: donald trump in a blue state focusing on hillary clinton, on lindsey graham dropping out and a new attack on the media. jeb bush, a frequent target of trump, bush says. >> not funny anymore. >> reporter: bush too taking the aim against clinton. >> no, we're not. we're not in the right place. >> reporter: chris christie tells new hampshire that his party needs to focus on clinton and not on each other. >> i'm saving my brawl for september 2016 because it's
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hillary rodham clinton doesn't get within 10 miles of the white house. >> reporter: and marco rubio also drawing distinctions. >> the democratic party is controlled today by radical elements that lean to the left and want to see more government control over our lives. >> reporter: and voters will decide in just six weeks. and ben carson taking at vantage of some of the southern conservatives who just found out that their home state candidate won't be on the ballot down there. >> and tracie, thank you. six americans are dead following a suicide bombing in afghanistan. around 1:30 p.m. local time, a suicide bomber road a motorcycle into a routine security control and just outside bagram air
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among those is joseph lem, he has done three tours of duty in afghanistan and iraq. he leaves behind a wife and two children. this is the deadliest attack since the july of 2012 on americans and just days after the pentagon reported that efforts to conduct counter terrorism is getting more difficult due to an increase in insurgent attacks. the white house is calling the bombing cowardly and says the u.s. remains committed to the mission in afghanistan. we're learning more about the suspect behind sunday night's deadly car ram page on the strip. she was living out of her car for a week prior to the incident. she told investigators that she was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol but was under extreme stress because security at several locations told her to leave as she tried to sleep in
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she's currently being held in prison. a bail hearing is set for later today. they plan to charge her with endangerment, child abuse. her 3-year-old daughter, who was in the car with her at the time was not injured. and a family members said it's not karlktest characteristic of her. the person killed has been identified as 32-year-old jessica vallen zaleau of arizona who was visiting las vegas with her husband. she leaves behind three young daughters. sdwhnchts in engineers at space x started on a high note. after delivery of the first stage, rocket returned to earth, safely landing back on earth, eliciting celebrations in the control room. this followed several attempts and six months after the last
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take off. mean while, on the international space station, they did an emergency space walk. the car needed to be secured ahead of a russian resupply arrival. and kelly is in his 9 month long trip to space. and marquez, a friend and former neighbor of the san bernardino terror attack shooters has been charged with conspiring to supply terrorism material. and purchased the guns used in the attack several years ago and conspired to attack in 2011 and 12. they used to use pipe bombs to
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and he has visa fraud stemming from his marriage which prosecutors say is a sham. a texas grant jury has decided not to indict any county employees in the death of sandra bland. the 28-year-old chicago woman was found dead three days after being arrested for allegedly changing lanes without a turn signal. the traffic stop was caught on dash cam video and ended with sandra bland being arrested for assault. they ruled her death in custody was suicide by hanging, which her family questions. >> we have left no rock unturned. in the grand jury, anything that they've asked for, we've done our best to give it to them. >> earlier in the day, the fammolefam ole
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>> we don't have any information on what happened to my daughter. opportunity. she got that opportunity. and somewhere between a two to horrible happened to her. >> the grand jury is expected to reconvene in january to see if the trooper who arrested sandra bland should face charges. and in the puget sound area, drivers dealing with blinding conditions with several inches expected to accumulate through the night. near the rockies, winter storm ferris is dumping up to three feet in higher elevations, making quite the winter wonderland. nbc meteorologist bill karins is here with your tuesday morning forecast. >> we got a little bit of everything from the west coast and the snowy weather and the east and severe threat and flood
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we're takingia you to the worst weather in i 10. and today's forecast, that heavy rain will eventually weaken and exit the southeast. we'll watch an area of light rain into new england as we go throughout your afternoon. then late tonight, we could get isolated strong storms in northeast texas and northern louisiana but more of a widespread severe weather threat. and temperatures are going to be almost like a spring-like set up. we're looking at 35 million people in the slight risk from the gulf coast all the way aul most to chicago. and we may see an isolated tornado or two and definitely widespread wind damage. and then for christmas eve, that's system weakened but ahead of it, extremely warm. we have the chanls ofce of seeing the warmest temperatures recorded. that's your national weather.
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so, obviously, with the heavy rain, that's your travel trouble spot. possible airport delays from savannah tocharleston. so, a lot of active weather. it's like spring in some spots. >> and santa better have his short sleeves for the east coast. >> he's going to be hot in that red suit. and up next, big news for bill and hillary clinton. squeils illnesses in wll wllffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad... need new theraflu expressmax. theraflu expressmax combines... maximum strength medicines available without a prescription... fight your worst cold and flu symptoms...
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. the centers for disease control is investigating new cases of e.coli. the new batches have been reported in kansas, north dakota
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five have been sickened at chipotle. and this comes by 141 boston college students who caught the noro virus after eating a a local chipotle restaurant. the stock took a beating after news of the most recent outbreak. and people on the sky tower in seaworld got more than they bargained for when the ride got stuck in the air. and after two hours, rescue workers were able to lower the ride. no one was injured. and this car was pulled over for erratic driving and his 8-year-old sister was in the car. he lost control and the duo attempted to flee but were caught by police. gay and bisexual men will now be allowed to donate blood
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two months. christmas has come early for chelsea clinton and her husband. and her hillary clinton tweeted. tax season just around the corner. sorry. the agency will start accepting individual electronic returns on tuesday january 19th. the filing deadline to submit returns has been extended to monday april 18th. today is the busiest day of the year for ups with plans to deliver about 36 million packages. they have a this is up 8% from last holiday season's forecast. bonds expected to out
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this morning on "today," new
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happened to cause the major ga gaffe at the miss universe contest. in sports, the nfl has put the hammer down on o'dell beckham jr. he tangled quarterback throughout the game. he was handed a one game suspension and stands to lose about $55 thousand in salary. he has appealed the decision. and oakland legend is calling it a year. rating in the top five all time leaders for interception, fumble recovery and take aways. monday night football in the big easy. matthew stafford sure did make it look easy. three big touchdowns in the first half alone by finishing no picks.
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4,000 yard mark and became the 10th straight to surpass that in a year. and a wild one in the nba, clippers and thunder, final 14 seconds. and the ball is stolen by chris paul who gets a huge go ahead basket and then with just 10 seconds left, kevin durant takes the pass, dribbles in and nails the jumper for the win. oklahoma city 100. clippers, 99. just ahead, kim kardashian broke the internet again. plus, can you guess which world leader goes for coffee with jerry seinfeld? we'll reveal that secret next.r raves about her toothpaste and mouthwash all the time. i'm like, huh? aren't they all the same? you know, i had to see for myself. so i went pro. with crest pro-health advanced. advance to a healthier, stronger, cleaner mouth from day 1. this toothpaste... ...and mouthwash make my whole mouth feel amazing. and my teeth stronger.
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just one day. healthy skin equals beautiful skin. and for shower softness, add the body wash, too! aveeno naturally beautiful results all right, now to some entertainment news. kim kardashian really did break the internet. she released graphics of her famous derriere and even her well known cry face. the apple app store actually crashed. kim tweeted apple, i'm so sorry i broke your app store. in other kardashian news, little sister sister sister khloe posted an adorable pick of her and her niece, northwest.
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what turned out to be a stolen national treasure. the hollywood actor agreed to turn over a rare stolen dinosaur skull belonging to the mongolian government after finding out it was imported illegally. he had brought a skull like this one for 226$226,000. authorities say he willingly gave it up once finding out it was stolen. and comedians in cars, getting coffee with the commander and chief. they circle the white lawn and it will premier december 30th on crackal. and hugh grant and his girlfriend went from being childless to having four kids in just five years. thanks for watching "early
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leading the news on maul of america asks judge to bar black lives matters protest. and they plan to protest tomorrow whether or not they are granted request. and this is to draw attention to the death of jamal clark. and from the bbc, kennian muslims shield christians in mandera bus attack. they told the militants to quote kill them together or leave them alone. at least two died in the attack. a retrial date has been set for one of the baltimore
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of freddy gray while in police custody. officer william porter will stand trial again on june 13th. his initial trial ended in a hung jury. bill cosby is firing back. beverly johnson is being sued for defamation. cosby has repeatedly denied wrong doing and has never been criminally charged. and once again netflix will allow for a three m m new year's countdown and celebration you can play anytime so that your children don't have to stay up past their bedtime. i'm all over that one. the empire state building is certainly in the holiday spirit this season. the building's annual holiday lights show was choreographed to
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>> i saw the lights but i didn't know. without the song, it doesn't have the same effect. >> this is the service we provide for you, bill. this is played hourly all week until christmas. >> so you're saying i need to do the i heart radio app? >> you do. just walk around and listen. army sergeant bowe bergdahl will face charges of dezurgz and endangering troops for walking off his post in 2009 which led to his capture of the taliban. happy birthday to meagan trainer who turns 22. singer, jordan sparks, 26. and dianne sawyer is 70. now keep it right here for more news, weather and sports.
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thanks for watching "early today."


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